Toronto Maple Leafs

Who exactly is blame for the Francois Allaire controversy? Fingers are being pointed at GM Brian Burke but he isn’t the only one to blame. Burke didn’t help by blasting Allaire to the media. But in Allaire’s case, it was his ego that got in the way. Preventing the other coaches from talking to the goalies was incomprehensible, and it’s obvious that he does not take criticism well. He point at Patrick Roy and Jean-Sebastian Giguere as proteges of his that experienced success using his style but it is a new age of goal tending. It was obvious how uncomfortable James Reimer and Jonas Gustavsson were with Allaire’s style. In my mind, those two need a style that relies on their athleticism and instincts in the vein of the style of LA Kings goalie Jonathan Quick. The way this whole issue has been handled has been a clear indicator of how dysfunctional the Maple Leafs organization is. It is no wonder they are the only team post lockout not to make the playoffs.


Countdown to Shutdown

One day to go before the NHL locks out the players. At this rate, it’s not looking good for hockey. The World Juniors will be on but it doesn’t fill the void completely. The owners don’t want the big money long term deals but they are the ones handing them out. The players and owners don’t lose, its the fans. There are people who rely on hockey to feed their families the ones in the restaurants, arenas and more who lose out.

Roberto Luongo

Luongo keeps raving on about how he wants to play for the Florida Panthers. Well, did he consider that maybe Florida doesn’t need him? They have Jacob Markstrom waiting in the wings for his chance to be an NHL star and Jose Theodore and Scott Clemmenson still have a few years left. If Luongo wants to leave so badly, he should just accept a trade somewhere else. In the words of the Rolling Stones, you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you’ll find you get what you need. And Luongo needs to keep his mouth shut.

Gabriel Landeskog

The Colorado Avalanche just made Landeskog the youngest captain in NHL history. While I have no doubt Landeskog is a good leader (first European to wear the C for the OHL Kitchener Rangers) I feel it was a little early. However, I wish him good luck in leading the Avs back to glory.

NHL Lockout

The owners and players cannot come to a deal. It is disheartening how money oriented the league has become. The idea of a year with no hockey makes me sad. Come on Bettman, stop the lockout crap and get a deal done. Who made him commissioner anyways?