NHL Lockout

Who is tired of waiting for NHL hockey? Who is sick of players whining about pay cuts when the fans that support them have to scrap by to pay for tickets to games? I am tired of them blowing off meetings and hours of talking about the little stuff. Time to grow up and talk about the big issue they are trying to avoid. The fans deserve better than this. The NHL is losing money and people are losing jobs. Time to right this ship before the NHL loses all credibility. If they have not already.


Toronto Maple Leafs

For once I agree with Don Cherry. The Leafs’ treatment of Nazem Kadri is awful. The blasting of his conditioning in the media was a poor move by Marlies’ coach Dallas Eakins. It is issue that should have stayed behind closed doors. Not every kid can walk into the NHL straight from junior. Kadri is a kid, I feel was not wanted by the Leafs organization as it was obvious Burke had his eyes on Brayden Schenn. It is kind of hard for an offensive talent like Kadri to flourish playing on the fourth line when it is clear he deserves at least on shot in the top six. Kulemin had a poor season as Cherry pointed out and Kadri could have at least garnered a call up to shake things up. I’m impressed that Kadri has lasted as long as he has. He needs to be moved if he wants to flourish in more positive and less dysfunctional environment.