NHL Lockout Is Over!!!

The NHL lockout is finally over! When it looked like that there would never be a season, Bettman and Fehr were able to get a deal done. All I can say is, let’s watch some hockey!


World Juniors

In disappointing fashion, Canada lost their semi final against arch rival United States by a score of 5-1. From the get go, Canada did not have it and they were pushed around by a motivated and disciplined American squad. As much as it burns me to say as a proud Canadian, I give the Americans full credit on how well they played today. No doubt both teams wanted the gold medal, the US squad showed they wanted it a little more. Goaltender John Gibson for the US was outstanding and has been all tournament long. The Anaheim Ducks have their goalie of the future and he’s a good one. Instead, Canada will play their other main rival, host Russia for the bronze medal. Should be a great one. Go Canada Go!