Toronto Maple Leafs line brawl: entertaining or embarrassing?

In Sunday’s preseason game featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres, a line brawl was started after Sabres goon John Scott dropped the gloves and went after Phil Kessel to which Kessel responded with several chops of his stick at Scott which earned him a three preseason game suspension.David Clarkson came off the bench to join in on the brawl but with it came a 10 regular season game suspension. After signing that big contract, it was definitely bad judgment on Clarkson’s part. Even goalies Jonathan Bernier and Ryan Miller joined in on the fun by duking it out. The game has been talked about for days and there are many differing opinions. I feel the whole incident was both entertaining and embarrassing. On one hand, it has given Toronto something talk about and it showed how unwilling the Leafs are to be pushed around. The fans were very into it as they loved the animosity. But on the other hand it was the PRESEASON. Its nice to see the emotions but the fact it is so early just makes it look like a gong show. Toronto and Buffalo have a rivalry but one based more on geography and a shared division rather than a real incident. However, the brawl makes it more interesting for the next time these two teams meet as Leafs coach Randy Carlyle will surely want to dress his own heavyweights Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren to make Scott doesn’t go after Kessel (or any of the other Leafs). The incident has helped spark a rivalry that had gone stale and provide the entertainment factor the game sometimes lacks.


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